01/19/2022: OPEN POSITION: We are looking for talented post-docs interested in studying germinal center dynamics in healthy and diseased humans. Attractive candidates will have a strong sense of curiosity and training in cellular and molecular biology. Experience with gene editing and/or multi-omic data analyses would be very attractive to our group. Please click this LINK for the posting and more information. 
11/17/2021: Very glad to see new provocative work from our lab come out yesterday in JAMA Pediatrics. In our analysis, Sandy Sun pits IVIG against HSCT for the treatment of agammaglobulinemia. The light emitted when these two worlds collide is quite illuminating!
08/27/2021: Romberg Lab is excited to join  The Chan-Zuckerberg Inititative’s Pediatric Human Cell Atlas Program  as part of a talented CHOP team. You don’t know jack about lymphopoesis unless you know how lymphopoesis occurs in children!
07/08/2021: CBS This Morning profiles the Romberg Lab and details our recent discovery of PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA).  Partnerships between doctors, scientists and patients are the engines of scientific discovery!
05/06/2021: Does your patient have a SPI1 variant of unknown significance? We want to collabortively validate it with you. Please message rombergn[at] to get things rolling.
05/05/2021: Romberg Lab is celebrating publication of our new paper, which first describes PU.1mutated agammaglobulinemia, in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.  What a rush it is to discover a new disease!