02/10/2021: We are hiring lab technicians to work in our vibrant, fast-paced human immunology laboratory at CHOP/UPenn. Applicants should be hard-working, fun-loving and be able to make a two year commitment to our science. Please send inquiries to
10/13/20: Romberg Lab is celebrating recipt of the 2020 Lady Barbara Colyton Prize for Autoimmune Research. Like many people affected by autoimmune diseases, Lady Barbara Colyton lived a remarkable life.  
07/07/20: Congratulations to the Well’s Lab on their Nature Communications paper “Mapping Effector Genes at Lupus GWAS Loci Using Promoter Capture-C in Follicular Helper T cells” We enjoyed the collaboration!
11/01/19: Congratulations to lab alumni Brian Nolan who recently recieved the American College of Rheumatology Distinguished Fellow Award for his work in the Romberg lab on the role of pioneer transcription factors in hematopoesis. 
06/21/19 : Romberg Lab and Marson Lab (UCSF) are celebrating our receipt of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation Translational Research  Program Grant Award. Thanks to JMF for supporting our work on primary B-cell disorders!
07/01/19 : Romberg Lab is celebrating a new R01 awarded today by the NIH NIAID’s Inborn Errors of Immunity special emphasis section.