08/27/2021: Romberg Lab is excited to join  The Chan-Zuckerberg Inititative’s Pediatric Human Cell Atlas Program  as part of a talented CHOP team. You don’t know jack about lymphopoesis unless you know how lymphopoesis occurs in children!
07/08/2021: CBS This Morning profiles the Romberg Lab and details our recent discovery of PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA).  Partnerships between doctors, scientists and patients are the engines of scientific discovery!
05/06/2021: Does your patient have a SPI1 variant of unknown significance? We want to collabortively validate it with you. Please message rombergn[at] to get things rolling.
05/05/2021: Romberg Lab is celebrating publication of our new paper, which first describes PU.1mutated agammaglobulinemia, in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.  What a rush it is to discover a new disease!
03/09/2021: Congratulations to Carole Le Coz, winner of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s Spring Symposium Lighting Poster Award!  
10/13/20: Romberg Lab is celebrating recipt of the 2020 Lady Barbara Colyton Prize for Autoimmune Research. Like many people affected by autoimmune diseases, Lady Barbara Colyton lived a remarkable life.  

07/07/20: Congratulations to the Well’s Lab on their Nature Communications paper “Mapping Effector Genes at Lupus GWAS Loci Using Promoter Capture-C in Follicular Helper T cells.” We enjoyed the collaboration!