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The Romberg lab is bonkers for the Phillies Word Series Campaign




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CBS This Morning profiles the Romberg Lab and details our recent discovery of PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA).  Partnerships between doctors, scientists and patients are the engines of scientific discovery!





Thanks to the vaccine, Romberg Lab happy hours are back! So much to toast to (birthdays, graduation, accepted papers, really handsome western blots…)

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imageLab post-doc Sandy (Di) Sun gives a totally bonkers CHOP Grand Rounds on how to use cost-effectiveness to guide national agammaglobulinemia treatment strategies. One-way sensitivity analyses have never looks soooooo good!

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imageLab post-doc Carole Le Coz is interviewed in Futura Sante’. Great info about PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA) for French speakers.


imageLots for Romberg Lab to celebrate! Sam is Yale SOM bound! Welcome Emy, you’re just what we needed! COVID vaccines! and ….. PU.MA!


imageThanks to Ed Cara from Gizmodo for this nice interview about our recent discovery of PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA)

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imageThanks to “The Hill” for this nice article and videodescribing our recent discovery of PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia (PU.MA)


image5th annual March Madness watch party/Lab meeting! (social distancing version…)


imageBrian Nolan MD, PhD regales the CHOP Grand Round Audience on his B-cell disease discovery work performed in the Romberg Lab


imageCaroline presents her work on CVID plasma to thunderous applause at the CIS Annual Meeting 2019


imageBrave-ing down time @ the 2019 CIS conference in Atlanta


image4th Annual Romberg Lab Retreat/March Madness Celebration!


imageRomberg Lab super heroes!

CIS Summer School 2018


Romberg Lab breakthrough is featured on the Today Show
A Romberg Lab breakthrough is featured on the Today Show

A Romberg Lab breakthrough is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, NY Daily News and Philadelphia Voice

CIS Annual Meeting 2018, Toronto

Safety pong final four!

Hyperbaric CGD research, the final frontier!

CHOP Allergy and Immunology Holiday Party